I said I wouldn't see Trevor again.

We'll work on it.

They started talking.

It's not fair to attribute your failure to your parents.

Her father became an invalid as a result of a heart attack.

You might want to talk to her.

Laugh as much as you like; I'll stick to my plan to the bitter end.

You're going to need one, too.

I was an angel of an actress.

Everyone who respects exactly one classmate is respected by exactly two classmates.

Superstitions derive from the inability of men to acknowledge that coincidences are merely coincidences.

I didn't expect that to come from you.

What do you think he's dreaming about?

You got taller.

Dan was arrested pretty often; more than five times, in fact.

We surrendered.


Caroline said it was too cold.


We had a good time last night.

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Vivek is next up.

We aren't children.

Don't look at me that way, I haven't done anything bad.

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Much better alone than with fools.

He taught contemplation as a means of spiritual purification and the attainment of the Dao, a principle that signifies the highest spiritual ideals of mankind.

It is not necessary to bring a gift.

It's bad manners to do that kind of thing during meals.

If flies fly behind flies, then flies fly behind flies.

I'm seriously considering quitting my job.

We write this in honor of Saint Patrick, who is credited with bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most pagan cultures of his day.

He is planning to develop his business.

I think that there is a man in there.

They communicate with each other by mail.

Don would have done much better in his exams if he'd eased back on his social life a bit.

Has Jacobson ever ridden a horse?

Sekar says he isn't ready to go.


He is poor, but happy.


Randall was spot on.


Miriamne tossed his dog some bread.


Pilot could tell that Steen was upset.

Let's always tell each other the truth.

I told you I didn't see anything.

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She will trust you.


My mother made me practice the piano every day when I was a kid.

It didn't happen that way.

We can't all be as smart as you.

We saw a light far away.

Why didn't you save yourself?


He was the sort of man you could get along with.

Are there any famous musicians on the stage?

Plants take in water from the soil.

What we should do next is the question.

How do you know I even want that job?


Lea is forgetful, isn't he?

Sedovic wondered why Ami was so angry.

The fighting grew bloodier.


The ceremony is to turn away evil spirits.


We're not fussy.

In wore my best clothes.

In some situations, telling a white lie could be used to avoid people to be disappointed or get angry by or with someone.

Sunil seemed really embarrassed.

The existence of nation-states gave Europe a great advantage over the rest of the world.


I moved a chess piece on the board one forward.


I came just to see what you're doing.


The plane didn't stop at New York.


Valentin hasn't revised his lessons yet.

Can I share?

It was all going so well.

Roland didn't have time to relax.

I have to find my dog.


Will I get to the station if I take this road?


Let me first start with the good news.

Annard couldn't help him.

Return this.

I never thought it'd be this hard to create an iPad app.

All my energy has ebbed away.


Christmas is just around the corner.

Fortune favours the bold.

This chapter of the book describes the crime as seen by the criminal.

Stephanie is no slouch.

It's fruit fresh from the tree.

This summer, I'm going to France.

I'll get some for you right away.


I'm very angry with them.

Brandy skipped school.

Nothing gives an artist as much strength as the knowledge that there is at least one person who loves deeply what he has created.

The students were throwing paper at one another.

Mara speaks French better than Carole.


He has an evident need of medical attention.

No matter how old you are, it is still possible to learn.

We'll figure things out sooner or later.


This phrase might come in handy.

His story has some color of truth in it.

The trend is your friend.

Are you there, Donal?

Selling products sometimes requires having a stroke of genius.

Courtney visited us this past weekend.

I'm still getting used to the great turn my life has taken.

Bret must be busy.

How's it going with you and Guy?

Can you fix this or should I call a plumber?

I caught sight of Namie Amuro.

The groom was getting cold feet just minutes before the wedding.

Why didn't you say so?


He arrived late as usual.

Marshall is a satyr.

The system is finished with repairing after three years of voluntary work.

Summer days can be very, very hot.

He lost count.

How can we abolish war?

I think I know why Angela doesn't like Daren.

Herbert played chess with Diana.

Roberto met with Will to discuss the current financial crisis at the company.

There are four pieces of furniture in the room.

He's thoroughly honest.

Have you heard from her?

We can depend on Dion.

Let's husk the coconut.

I was being taught to cheat.

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The meeting was very friendly.


Shadow has been crying almost every day.

Elvis has added Vince's name to the list.

In less than a year, she went from straight A's to skipping school.

Did you really eat everything?

Why does it work?

In my language, the musical notes are c, d, e, f, g, a, and b.

"Would I lie to you?" "Yes, I think you would lie to me."


Rainer is gravely ill.

I'm going back for Andrea.

I think she is very attractive.

How do you know this isn't a fake?

All the boys are honest.

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It's pleasant to be next to her.

Greetings, old friend!

Jacques won't give in.

The bath was not hot enough and I was unable to enjoy it.

You're talkative, aren't you?

Elias's face is badly bruised.

Roxie went to the same school as Ram did.


Are they going to arrest them?

Connie said he wouldn't mind waiting for us.

It's a matter of pride.

Amos asked Donald when she was planning to leave.

I'd rather you didn't smoke so much.

I think we should have turned left at that last intersection instead of right.

Do you know why Jarl was in prison?

What are you doing here today?

Good morning, I would like to reserve a room.

My blood pressure is quite high.

This weed killer does not harm human beings.

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I am sorry to have missed the TV program last night.

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There was no music.


We spoke of several issues.

Fritz has a lot of problems, doesn't he?

I just want you to give me back that book you borrowed a few days ago.


Are you allergic to anything?

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There's not much paper left.

When eating, the largest plate is always the table.

The boss promised mountains of gold.

This is not something that anyone can do.

Pravin's daughter drew him a picture.

I was really satisfied.

Ramanan loves to deepthroat.


Food is the largest source of garbage in landfills.


Comedians base their jokes on tragic situations like violent death or serious accidents.